DomPeregonManufacturing equipment for home moonshine making and brewing The trademark belongs to the company OOO "VelesProm"
Офис / Производство:
г. Санкт-Петербург, ул. Литовская д.10 БЦ "Технопарк"

About company

DomPeregon is a stable company for the production of equipment for distillation and rectification (moonshine making) since 2008. We have workshops, all the necessary equipment and a permanent staff of qualified employees. We are not standing still the designs of our alcohol mashine are constantly being upgraded they become easier and more accessible to use.

You will find a large selection of equipment and related products for obtaining high-quality alcohol at home with us. The main equipment is steam boilers for the proper processing of malt and fruit and berry crops. Our boilers have a displacement from 40 to 500 liters with a full set of automatic protection. We also make automation which will help you to simplify the process of moonshine making and brewing and also improve the quality of beverages.

We work with food grade Aisi 304 stainless steel and also manufacture equipment from M1 grade copper. Copper occupies an important place in the process of moonshine making so many distillers are made from it among the favorites of sales. Copper alambiki and cap columns of our production are especially appreciated.